Our Payment Plan

Below are what it will cost you to list and renew your school yearly on naijaschools.com.ng

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Paid Listing Fields

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Our Paid Listing Payment Plan

₦350.00 Yearly
Crèches / Daycare
After School Care
Arabic Schools
Driving Schools
Fashion Schools
GSM & Telecoms Schools

Makeup Schools

How to Pay

₦500.00 Yearly
Nursery Schools
Primary Schools
Catering Schools

How to Pay

₦750.00 Yearly
A level Schools
Secondary Schools
Security Training Schools
Vocational Schools
Music Schools
Events & Decoration Schools
Film Schools
Football Schools
Language Schools
Computer and IT Schools
Coaching Centers
Aviation Schools
Bible Schools
Business Schools
Special Schools

How to Pay

₦1500 Yearly
Technical Colleges
Universities of Agriculture
Universities of Technology
Distance Learning Universities
Colleges of Education

How to Pay